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Important Notice:

* The name of Simple Sharing is now Link Sharing.

* If you download Link Sharing at first, there is no App Icon,

Please select “Link Sharing” in Share panel for sharing contents in your app

You can add Link Sharing App icon if you want in Link Sharing settings.

Link Sharing is a file sharing app that can conveniently share large video clips or massive quantities of photos (at their original sizes) to large groups of people.

- Large size files transfer without any settings and cable connection

- Transfer original files safely with Samsung Cloud

- Maximum 2G can be transferred at once, with individual file size limit being 1G

- Supports all file types (except Apk types)

- Various file transferring options

. Send to contacts, Create a link, Share with Code

* Maximum 2G can be transferred daily, and they are stored on the server for two days until they get deleted.

* Apk file types are not supported due to legal issues.

[Detailed Information]

. Link Sharing Introduction video :

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